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Creating a Post Call Survey (PCS) Script in 8x8 Contact Center


Creating and using a Post Call Survey script in 8x8 Contact Center.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • Post Call Survey


  1. In Configuration Manager navigate to Scripts and select Add new phone script.
  2. Enter the script name as desired and on the Script Type select Post call survey.
  3. You can create the PCS script by adding the IVR object Question and choosing between different types like Scale, Yes/No and Voice Comment for example:

    If using Yes/No the default options are set to Yes = 1, No = 0, this cannot be changed to other vaules.

  4. Further details of how the Scale question is being configured:
    PCS_scale.JPG  PCS_scale_prompt.jpg

    Do not add punctuation such as commas inside your question as punctuation inside the question is not supported and can cause issues with the post call survey or the results.

  5. The PCS script is not directly assigned a channel but is rather called from another script.

Note: For testing the PCS script you can temporarily assign a channel number to it.

Additional Information

There are different ways to offer a survey to the customer depending on your needs.

The below example is for offering a survey for every interaction with the clients and the client will need to remain on the call after the agent ends the call.

Please note the Post Call Survey object is added into the script before the Forward to Queue object and a survey will be offered only if the call is responded by an agent and the customer remains on the call after the agent hangs up the call.

main_script.JPG  PCS_call.JPG

The Say object Remain on call for Survey in the above example is to let the customer know that if they want to leave feedback they should stay on the call after the agent ends the call.

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