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Forward To External Number Does Not Go to 8x8 Work Ring Group


A script with a Forward to External Number object that is forwarding the calls to a Ring Group goes only to one phone.

The script contains the following:

  1. Forward to queue object's Overload is selected “There are NO agents: Available”.
  2. When no agents are available calls go to Overload.
  3. Overload has a Forward to External Number object.
  4. The Forward to External object ‘Phone number’ is set to an extension that is a Ring Group.
  5. Calls going to Overload, are going to one phone.

Applies To

  • Contact Center Configuration Manager
  • Ring Group
  • Scripts


Remove the Forward to Queue “A” object, and adjust Forward to Queue “B”s Queue timeout, and Overload with FWD to the extension number for the ring group.



The script has two Forward to Queue objects, Forward to Queue “A” is nested within the Forward to Queue “B”s ‘queue timeout’ parameter.

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