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How do I block a number in Contact Center if I don't use local CRM?


You want to block a caller from entering your queues and your using an external CRM and the process How to Block Numbers in 8x8 Contact Center does not work.

Applies To

  • Virtual Contact Center Scripting
  • Number blocking


Insert "Test Variable" objects in script that will check callers ANI

  1. In the part of the script where you want the caller blocked add a Test Variable objectscript blocking 2.PNG
  2. Edit the object using the $callerPhoneNumber condition = ANI of caller you want to block (This number needs to match the inbound ANI Contact Center is seeing in script and in a lot of cases might not include a +1
    test variable blocking 2.PNG
  3. If true add a hang up object
  4. If false go to the area that will resume the script for normal processing
  5. If needing to block multiple numbers you can simply continue to add test variables
  6. Once complete go to Customer Experience to ensure blocking is working.  Filter should be set to "Hang up" by "System"

CE blocking 2.PNG


When using an external CRM, blocking numbers the normal way using a pick-list will not work.