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8x8 Support

N/A Response in Post Call Survey


Post Call Survey (PCS) responses appear as N/A .


Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • Post Call Survey


  1. Ensure that there are no commas in the questions. For example replace ',' in the questions with '.' on the PCS scripts.
  2. If there are no commas in the questions try making a change to the script, with no significant modification, for example, add a label save and remove the label and save.

This will only affect new interactions made after the change, existing N/A results will remain showing N/A


  1. Data gets corrupted if any of the IVR fields contains the "," value. 
  2. There may be a backend synchronisation issue with the script, saving a change should trigger a synchronisation in the backend.

Additional Information

Note: N/A can appear in the Survey results if the call was terminated before the Question was answered. This would be proper use of N/A.

After a PCS script is put into use we recommend that the questions should not be removed or replaced as it leads to unexpected results and the answers to the previous questions will not be available anymore.

If you need to change the questions it is recommended to use a new PCS script.