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8x8 Contact Center Agent Is Stuck on a Call


One of my 8x8 Contact Center agents is stuck on a call that won't end.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center Agent
  • Stuck Calls


  1. Log into 8x8 Agent Workspace as Supervisor:
  2. Select Menu > Monitoring Drop-Down to launch new window.
  3. Agent Management Section.
  4. Monitor tab.
  5. Hover Over Agent you want to log out.
  6. Select Logout for the selected agent.

This will force log out the agent and end the call. The agent will need to re-log back into 

VCC_Agent_Monitor_Logout - Copy.JPG

Additional Information

The 8x8 Contact Center Supervisor will need to be assigned to the same Group as the agent in an effort to view and access the agent in the Monitoring section.

Agents can get stuck in post processing do to the following call handling scenario Source JIRA CCSUP-55041


  • An agent inititates an outbound call during that post processing after a DAA (Direct Agent Access) call ONLY.

Work Around:

  • Instruct the agent to properly end post processing before making any outbound call or wait for a least 5 secs after Post processing has ended to make outbound call (only after DAA call).

This call scenario only occures after a DAA call.  Validate first the call flow and sequence.