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Agent's status doesn't change to busy on outbound calls


When making an outbound call from VCC, the agent's status does not change to busy

Applies To

  • Virtual Contact Centre


  1. Log in to VCC Configuration Manager
  2. Navigate to Home > Outbound Phone Codes.
  3. Click Edit_Button.png next to the outbound phone codes in question. 
  4. Navigate to the Codes tab. 
  5. Ensure a queue has been selected from the drop down menu. This should not be set to none.
  6. Make sure that the agent is also assigned to the same outbound queue as what the outbound phone code is set to.
  7. Save your changes, then have the affected agent(s) log out and back in before re-testing. 

Additional information

During outbound calls in 8x8 Contact Center, your status changes to Busy, or preserves your current status. If you route the call through a queue by selecting an outbound phone code, your status changes to Busy. If you do not route the call through an outbound queue, your current status is preserved. For example, if your status is Available while making an outbound call, and you do not route the call through a queue, Agent Workspace leaves your status as Available, offering new incoming phone interactions.