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Agent Status Remains Busy and Post Processing Counter is Increasing


The Post Processing counter is increasing after it has reached the Post Processing Timeout. The 8x8 Contact Center Agent status is not automatically set to Available, but remains in the Post Processing status.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • Agent Status


The agent needs to manually press the End Post Processing button and select a Transaction Code for their status to change to Available in CC.


This is by design as the Transaction Codes are set up as Required in: Configuration Manager > Transaction Codes > %name of Transaction Codes% > Properties.

Additional Information

If the Required checkbox is unchecked in Configuration Manager > Transaction Codes > %name of Transaction Codes% > Properties, the user will automatically be set to the Available status after the Post Processing Timeout has been reached.

However, the Agent will be set to Available status even if he or she doesn't select a Transaction Code for the last call or interaction.

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