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How does status work in the Contacts tab - Agent Workspace

How does status work in the Contacts tab of Agent Workspace?

In this article, we explain how the status works in the Contacts tab from Agent Workspace as you will see that the status will be different if the user is a "combo user" (using both VCC and 8x8 Work).

Applies To

  • Agent Workspace
  • Contacts


If an individual is a “combo user” (i.e. has both CC Agent and 8x8 Work license) then they will have a presence status in both Contact Center and Work platforms.  As part of our XCaaS vision, the new Contacts Directory will show one status with business logic applied to show the most relevant status from both platforms - in order to maximize collaboration for hybrid roles.


The golden rule is CC presence status always trumps 8x8 Work presence status:


User type Logged into CC? Logged into 8x8 Work? How status is displayed
CC Agent + 8x8 Work user Yes Doesn’t matter Show CC presence status
CC Agent + 8x8 Work user No Yes Show Work presence status
CC Agent + 8x8 Work user No No Show CC user offline
CC Agent (no Work licence) Doesn’t matter N/a Show CC presence status
System Contact N/a N/a Doesn’t have a presence so none shown


Additional Information

How do I tell which status I’m looking at?

The key to understanding whether a contact center colleague is on shift and working
is to look at the user-type icon.


contacts status.png

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