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Quick Replies for Webchat


Quick replies are buttons that a customer can click on to help guide them through a webchat journey.

With this feature you can send these buttons from 8x8 scripting.

  • If you are currently not using ICA, you can only collect information on webchat via the pre-chat form.
  • If you aren’t ready for the ICA, you can now collect information on why your customers are contacting you.


Applies To

  • Contact Center
  • Web Chat
  • Quick Replies

What are we releasing?

  • From the webchat script, you can now forward a query to the social script
  • This then allows you to to use all of the features that are available in the social script
  • The query is then routed to the queue from the social script


Extra features this brings to webchat

Script: Send Prompt

  • Send prompt allows you so to send multiple messages to your customer
  • These can be sent at any time before forwarding to a queue



Script: Question Single Answer

  • Single answer questions will send quick replies
  • Customers can also type their response
  • After a quick reply is selected, routing can be performed on it
  • Multiple quick replies can be next together



Script: Question Yes/No

  • Yes/No responses will end quick replies
  • Customers can also type their response
  • Routing can be performed on the response
  • Multiple yes/no answers can be linked together



Script: Question Open Ended

  • Collect verbatim responses before routing to an agent
  • Multiple responses can be collected in the chat
  • This will be displayed to an agent
  • Routing not possible on open ended questions



Script: Get Customer Information

  • Collect information from the customer, such as their email address, which will trigger a screen pop in the Native CRM
  • Search other items in Native CRM


Script: Forward to Queue

  • Forward to Queue has timeout to leave queue when time parameter met
  • Forward to Queue has test for queue conditions


Prerequisite: Web Window Needs Keep Session Flag

  • The keep session alive option must be set on the web window
  • This also means that a customer can navigate to different pages on a website 
  • The time frame is how long the customers chat will stay alive if they:
    • Close the browse/webpage
    • Have internet connection issues
    • Something else



  • Typing size of question/prompt boxes is not increased with this release
  • Single question needs to be an exact match when typed

Linking with Speech Analytics

Create quick replies as topics in speech analytics

  • Create the topics inside speech analytics
  • Allows customers to monitor which their most popular quick replies are
  • Information can then to be used to see what areas to invest in for ICA projects