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Unable to see Contact Center Agent Workspace icon in Application Panel


Agent Workspace icon does not appear in application panel via SSO 

Applies To

  • Configuration Manager 
  • Contact Centre 
  • User Profile 


  1. Log in as the affected user from Incognito, Edge, Firefox and IE to see if you are able to reproduce then follow 
  2. Log in to Configuration Manager.
  3. Click Users.
  4. Ensure Contact Center license is assigned to the affected user`s profile 
  5. Ensure user profile is appearing in 8x8 Contact Centre and enabled
  6. If the above is confirmed then remove Contact Center license and reassign it back which should resolve the issue 
  7. If this is still an issue reset the affected user`s profile but resetting the profile deletes all the call logs and IMI 
  8. Rebuild new profile 

    NoteClick here if you are setting up a User Profile in Virtual Office Configuration Manager.


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