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8x8 Support

Call Dropped After Not Being Answered by Another Agent


Call drops a short time into the call. 

Example Scenario

A call has been presented to Agent 1 without a workplace phone number, and then goes to Agent 2, when the call timer runs out for Agent 1 the call drops for Agent 2.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • Customer Experience Tool


Make sure the workplace phone number is in 8x8 Contact Center for all agents that are available to take calls.

You can tell from Customer Experience if this scenario has occurred as the agent will report a call drop. You can then look up the transaction ID in Customer Experience (as per the below).

At the top of the flow, there should be 2 agents stated separated by a comma. In the flow, only one dialing agent blue circle appears.



There is no workplace phone number for the agent.