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Why does a call to an agents extension get routed to another agent?

Example Scenario

  1. A caller calls your 8x8 Contact Center channel number.
  2. The Contact Center Script prompts the caller to enter an agent's extension.
  3. The caller enters the Agent A's extension.
  4. The call is forwarded to Agent A's Contact Center end-point phone.
  5. After some time the call is forwarded to and answered by Agent B.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • Extensions
  • Call Routing


Agent A did not accept the call within the Interaction Timeout time.

The Contact Center script then forwarded the call to the next available agent.


Additional Information

Interaction offer timeout is a setting for each Agent in Contact Center Configuration Manager.

For more information on Interaction offer timeout and other Agent settings, see the online documentation: Create Agent Accounts

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