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Why are calls not being offered in Agent Workspace?

Finding solutions when agents cannot receive phone calls on the agent interface? Go through the process of elimination to find the cause. Learn here.


There could be several reasons why you can't receive phone calls, and you would need to go through a process of elimination to determine the cause. 

Are you the only Agent that is not receiving phone calls? 

  • If yes, go through questions 1 - 4 
  • If no, go directly to question 4

Q1: Are you assigned to phone queues? 

  1. Click on your My Profile icon from the Agent interface.
  2. Under Queue Assignments, are there any phone queues with a checkbox in front of it? 
    • No - check the boxes to add them to your queue assignments and Save. (You may have to ask your Supervisor to do this for you) 
    • Yes - check with your Supervisor to see if Skill Level Routing is enabled. 

Q2: Is Skill Level Routing enabled? 

  • No - then there is the possibility that other Agents are having calls routed to them before you. Only your Supervisor can change this through the Configuration Manager
  • Yes - check your phone number in My Profile

Q3: Do you have the correct 11-digit phone number (that is direct dial accessible) configured in your profile OR a proper SIP Phone URI? 

  • No - edit the phone number/SIP Phone URI, save it, then return to My Profile and validate it (makes sure it rings). 
  • Yes - there is no problem with your Agent configuration, now we need to research the phone configuration. 

Q4: Call the Channel phone number (your toll / toll-free number) what do you hear? 

  • "The office is closed?" To resolve the issue you need to have your Supervisor log into the Configuration Manager and validate the correct IVR Open hours for the phone Channel(s) and Queue(s). 
  • "Due to technical reasons, your call cannot be completed." Call 8x8 Support right away. There is a possible telephone carrier network service area change. i.e. Canadian calls not being routed. 
  • Fast Busy signal. Call support right away! The channel is either not configured or the telephone carrier network is down.
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