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How to use the DNC filtering in Contact Center ?


How to use DNC filtering in Contact Center

Applies To

  • Contact Center
  • 9.10
  • 9.12



  1. Create a Customer Field that will hold the value of the Transaction Code List (TCL)

    Image 1.png  
  2. Create a DNC transaction code:
    • Create a Menu Text and a Report Text for the transaction
    • Enter a Short Code for the transaction

      Screenshot 2020-07-06 at 18.38.48.png
  3. Campaign Configuration:
    1. Select a Customer field that will hold the property of DNC
    2. Select which TCL property will be used (Report text / Short Code)
      • TCL Report Text copies the "Menu Text" of the Transaction code the agent selects to the DNC field of the contact
      • TCL Short Code writes the "Short Code" of the Transaction code the agent selects to the DNC field of the contact 
      • Step 2.png
  4. Assign the DNC transaction code to the disposition action Do Not Call

    Screenshot 2020-07-06 at 18.22.23.png  
  5. Campaign Configuration:
    • Here we filter OUT all the customers that have something in the DNC field 
    • This will take effect when you are creating a campaign

      Screenshot 2020-07-06 at 18.40.50.png
  6.  The agent selects the proper Transaction Code 

    image (3).png  
  7. The transaction code that the agent selected, now appears in the DNC field of the contact 

    image (4).png
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