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8x8 Contact Center APIs


8x8 Contact Center has APIs across a broad range of areas that allow for integration of 8x8 with other platforms and services allow for flexibility and to maximize investments in technology.

Use cases include:

  • Making Realtime and Historical data available in other systems to drive business intelligence
  • Enhancing workflows by embedding chat and or callbacks
  • Integration with websites and bots allowing customized chat experiences and or integration with bots, including visibility into current workload and schedule status
  • Ability for CRMs or other systems to make and manage calls on behalf of agents.
  • Control campaigns and outreach, for ordered, efficient calls for renewals, expiration notices or other critical customer touch points.
  • Reduced customer frustration by “popping” the caller’s account information to the agent as soon as the call comes in

8x8 representatives can assist in validating use cases and guiding customers in leveraging APIs.

8x8 Contact Center APIs

Additional Information

For even more detailed guidance and use case application, see the 8x8 Developer Hub at

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