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How to Forward a Contact Center Channel Number to an External Number


  • Forwarding a contact center channel number to an external number.

Applies To

  • Virtual Configuration Manager for Contact Center


1. Check if the channel number is enabled from the Channels section in Virtual Configuration Manager for Contact Center;

2. Check what is the assigned Script for the channel that you are trying to forward;


3. Once the script has been identified go to Scripts section and click edit;

Edit script.png

4. In the script menu you will need to add under Main IVR object 'Forward to External Number'

Add_Object_Forward to external number.png  

5. Edit object 'Forward to External Number' by adding a name to it and the external number that you are looking to forward the calls to.

Editing_forward to external number.png

6. Save script, and the channel number is being forwarded.



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