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Removal of basic authentication for Microsoft Exchange Online


Microsoft has removed the ability to use basic authentication for email, this is something that they have been notifying their customers the past year, the latest information from Microsoft on this can be found here. The switch-off was made on 1st October 2022. If you haven’t already done so, then your Microsoft email connection in 8x8 should move across to a more secure connection method of OAuth2, to do that in 8x8 you can find out here 8x8 setup

This does mean that Microsoft shared mailboxes are not supported inside 8x8, as at the time of writing this, Microsoft does not support OAuth2 for these methods of connection. 

However, currently, setting up an App password for Microsoft, with multi-factor authentication is working in 8x8, we can’t guarantee that this will continue to work but the setup instructions are listed here. 

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • Microsoft Exchange Online

Setting up an App password in Microsoft

This is the process for how to set up an App password in Microsoft App password

Using this password inside 8x8 you can use the following settings:

1. Go to configuration manager, then channel - email

2. Select the option to create a new channel. 

3. Fill in the details:

  • Channel Name - Any name
  • Email Address - Microsoft email address
  • Email Script - Select the script you want to use
  • Authentication Type - Normal
  • Incoming Mail Server -
  • Protocol - IMAP over SSL
  • Port - 993
  • User ID - Microsoft email address
  • Password - App password from Microsoft

Once these details are filled in, you will be able to use email as a channel in 8x8 and not have to change the password, however, as the app password is controlled by Microsoft, 8x8 can not guarantee how long this will work and recommend where possible you move over to the Oauth2 connection which is guaranteed to be supported.