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Why do the Queue Dashboard SLAs display all zeros?


Why do the Queue Dashboard SLAs show all Zeros?

When you log into the 8x8 Agent console and look at the Business Intelligence Queue Dashboard, the SLAs show all zeros.

  1. Log in to the Agent Workspace as a Supervisor Agent.
  2. Click the waffle icon to the left of Menu > select Business Intelligence.
  3. Hover over the Dashboard icon (looks like a speedometer).
  4. Select Queue Dashboard.
  5. The SLA% and SLA counts show zeros, 0.00% or 0.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Agent Workspace
  • Business Intelligence dashboards


The Queue(s) does not have any SLA defined.

Additional Information

For instructions on how to define the Queue SLAs, see How To Define Inbound Phone Queue Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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