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Create FAQ Answers in 8x8 Contact Center


Define a frequently-asked question and response for your contact center knowledge base.

FAQs serve as resources to agents assisting customers. Your contact center may also publish the FAQ resource on your company's support center website. You must add the FAQ answers to the FAQ categories.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • FAQs


Note-Icon.png Note: Only supervisors can create or edit FAQ categories and answers. Make sure you have defined an FAQ category. For details, refer to Create FAQ Categories.
  1. Log in to Supervisor Console.
  2. From the Control Panel menu, click Help > FAQ.
    Supervisor Console displays the Frequently Asked Questions window.
  3. Select an FAQ category from the panel on the left, or click +New Category to create a new one.
  4. Click +New FAQ in the right panel.
  5. In the Add FAQ dialog box:
    • In the Shortcut text entry area, enter a shortcut that agents can use to quickly insert the answer to the FAQ into an email or chat.
    • In the Question text entry area, enter a frequently asked question.
    • In the Answer text entry area, enter the answer to the frequently asked question. The character limit for your FAQ is up to 40k.
      For information about inserting FAQ answers into email or chat responses, see Insert FAQ Responses into Emails, and Insert FAQ Answers into Chat Messages.
    • To prevent Virtual Contact Center from displaying this FAQ answer in any public Support Center, select This FAQ is Private.
      Private FAQ categories can only be accessed by contact center agents, not on a customer-facing Support Center Web page.
  6. Embed any supporting data, such as images or attachments. For details on how to embed images or attach files, see Enrich FAQ Content below.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Supervisor Console displays the Frequently Asked Questions window. The new FAQ answer appears in the category's list of FAQ answers.

Additional Information

The rich text editor for FAQ definition allows you to define visually appealing content with intuitive editing abilities. For details a summary of elements in rich text editor, refer to Menu Elements of the Rich Text Editor.

Enrich FAQ Content

You can add images or files to an FAQ response with just a few clicks.

Embed Images in an FAQ Response

  1. Click  from the rich text panel.
  2. At the URL prompt, specify the URL location of the desired image and enter a descriptive name for the image in the Alternative Text box. Alternatively, you can drag and drop your images or paste them from your clipboard quickly. When you embed a high resolution image in your case, a follow-up, or an FAQ, they are compressed automatically for faster processing and for saving bandwidth. If needed, open the Image Properties dialog box from the right-click menu to adjust the image size.
Note-Icon.png Note:The image to embed must be hosted on a web server.
Caution-Icon.png Known Issue: Copying (Ctrl-C) and pasting (Ctrl-V) images is currently not supported on Internet Explorer 11. You can drag and drop the images.

To Attach Files

  1. Click the Attachments tab in the FAQ definition.
  2. Browse and upload files stored locally.
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