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Legacy Wallboards vs Analytics for Contact Center Wallboard Functional Mapping


What are the differences between the legacy wallboard function and Analytics for Contact Center wallboards?

Applies To

  • 8c8 Contact Center
  • Configuration Manager for Contact Center
  • Wallboards
  • Analytics for Contact Center


The table below compares features from legacy wallboards and Analytics for Contact Center wallboards.

Feature Legacy Wallboards ( CM ) Analytics for CC Wallboards
User access Admins Supervisors, Admins
Monetization Paid functionality (SKU) for a specific number of wallboards Free Functionality for CC users for unlimited number of wallboards
Location Configuration Manager Analytics for Contact Center
General Overview Presents only real-time metrics of the contact center operations.
In CM, there is a dedicated section for 'Wallboard' functionality, which will allow the wallboard configuration by selecting general properties, desired metrics, thresholds (optional) and the queues.

Users can select the metrics to be monitored in specific queues from a pre-defined list. Also, they can share and add their logo on the wallboard.

Presents both real-time and historical metrics of the contact center operations.

In Analytics for CC, users will first define their Dashboards with the ability of configuring multiple real-time and/or historical pre-defined widgets and can then generate a Wallboard URL out of their Dashboards

The widgets allow for Agents/Queues/Media activity and performance monitoring in real time or over time, offering a wide variety of predefined and customizable real-time and historical metrics. Users also have the ability of defining thresholds for alerting in the event of potential or actual slips in performance and can share it with other colleagues
Monitoring capabilities / Metrics type Can monitor only real-time queue specific metrics Can monitor real-time and historical queue/agent/media specific metrics within pre-defined customizable widgets
Visualisation options Tabular format only Tabular, Chart, Big Number and Heat map capabilities available.
Wallboard Visual Customization Ability to increase/decrease the font size
Ability to mute sound for thresholds
Ability to add a company logo on wallboard
Adding multiple widgets within a wallboard view
Resizing the widgets per desired dimension
Reposition the widgets via drag-and-drop approach
Dark/Light color theme
Ability to adjust the viewing distance
Ability to hide/display wallboard title
Ability to hide/display timezone
Ability to hide/display widget headers
Ability to toggle on/off compact view
Ability to increase/decrease the font size
Custom Metrics No custom metric option In addition to the vast metrics available out of the box in 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center, you can also create custom metrics using existing metrics to derive data critical to your business needs
Thresholds Can set audio and visual one level thresholds for a predefined list of queue real-time metrics Can set audio and visual three-level (success, warning and danger ) thresholds for a predefined list of queue and agents real-time metrics
Sharing capabilities Ability to share the Wallboard URL by typing in specific email addresses or sharing the URL directly Ability to share the Wallboard URL by selecting the people from a pre-populated list with all users in your tenant assigning View/Edit permissions or sharing the URL directly
Download No download options PDF, JPEG, PNG, SVG download options for chart widgets
Wallboard Accessibility All created wallboards are saved and accessible in the Configuration Manager -> Wallboards location All created Dashboards are accessible in the Analytics for CC -> Dashboards location
Queue Metrics Available Available Idle
  Alerting Offering
  Busy Busy
  Working offline Working Offline
  On break On Break
  Waiting in queue Waiting in queue
  Longest waiting Longest Wait
  Processing all eligible queues Handling
  Post processing all eligible queues Wrap-Up
  Entered queue today Entered
  Abandoned today Abandoned
  Media type Media types
  Queue ID not available
  Queue Name Queue Name
  Accepted Today Accepted
  Avg Handle Time Today Average Handling Time
  Avg Wait Time Today Avg Waiting Time
    SLA %
    SLA % Target (SLA TGT)
    SLA Time Threshold (SLA THLD)
    Accepted in SLA
    Accepted in SLA%
    Enabled (Enabl)
    Eligible (Eligib)
    Offering (Alert)
    Working Offline
    Busy Other
    Waiting in Queue
    Abandoned %
    Avg Waiting Time
    Avg Speed to Answer
    Longest Offering Time
    New in queue
    Accepted %
    Average Handling Time
    Average Processing Time
    Avg Wrap Up Time
    Avg Busy Time
    Diverted %
    Avg Diverted Time
    Busy External
    Total Abandonment
    Total Abandonment %
    Short Abandonment
    Short Abandonment %
    Total Interaction Handling
    Total Interaction Wrap up
Agent Performance metrics Not available Accepted
    Presented/ Offered
    Agent Direct Inbound Count
    Agent Direct Inbound Time
    Agent Direct Outbound Count
    Agent Direct Outbound Time
    Agent Internal Calls count
    Agent Internal Calls Time
    Agent Internal Calls Initiated count
    Agent Internal Calls Received Count
    Average Handling Time
    Average Wrap Up Time
    Current Status
    Time on Status
    Status Code
    Line 1
    Line 2
    Rejected Timeout
    Logged in Time
    Available Time
    Available Time %
    Offering Time
    Reject Timeout
    Average Offering Time
    Longest Offering Time
    Handling Time
    Handling Time %
    Wrap Up Time
    Wrap Up Time %
    Busy Time
    Busy Time %
    Working Offline Time
    Working Offline Time %
    On Break Time
    On Break Time %
    Internal Calls Initiated
    Blind Transfers Initiated
    Consultation Established
    Warm Transfers Completed
    Conferences Established
    Transfers Received
    Conference Time
    On Hold Time
    Longest Hold
    Last Login
    Last Logout
    Transfers Initiated
    Transfers Initiated %
Agent Resources Metrics Not available Current Status
    Time on Media
    Waiting in Queue
    Longest Wait
    Last Login
    Last Logout
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