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Queue interaction Summary, Average processing time


How is the Queue interaction Summary, Average processing times calculated?

Applies To

  • Analytics for Contact Center
  • Queue interaction Summary


  • Accepted = the number of interactions that were accepted by some agent while waiting in queue - each accepted interaction is counted as 1, because the report and therefore this metric is focusing on the queues; Accepted is 1 also for interactions that were transferred (either blind or warm) to some other agent, or for agents conferenced in;
  • Processing Time = the total time spent by agents in processing, that is, in handling and in wrap-up, while working on an interaction that was queued in a particular queue (the queue associated to the metric in the report); in case of transfers to agents or conferences, this metric sums up the processing time of both (or all) agents, including any overlap time (that is, the time that both agents spent on the interaction);
  • Average Processing Time = the average time spent by agents in processing while working on an interaction that was queued in a particular queue; in case of transfers or conferences, the processing times of both (or all) agents enters the average formula individually; the formula for this metric is Processing Time / Agents Involved, where Agents Involved >= Accepted, and Agents Involved - Accepted = number of transfers.
  • Totals & Subtotals The intervals will count twice (or three times etc) any call that goes over one interval (the same call can be included in multiple intervals but is not included multiple times in the total)