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8x8 Support

Step-by-step instructions to define a threshold in Analytics for Contact Center


Applies To

  • Contact Center
  • Configuration Manager
  • Wallboards


  1. Login into Analytics for Contact Center

    1. Use a direct URL: 

    2. Or from the 8x8 Applications Panel:

    3. Or from the Agent Workspace Menu



  1. Go to Settings > Thresholds and choose to define New Set.



  1. Choose to select either a Queue Set or Agent Set.


  1. In the Threshold setup Panel, define:

    1. The metric type ( Today window Intervals )

    2. The specific metric you are interested to monitor closely ( can choose from a predefined list of default or custom metrics  )

    3. Specify the Warning levels values, colors and/or sounds to play

      1. Warning Level

      2. Danger Level

      3. Success Level



  1. After saving the Threshold setup, you can set a dedicated name for it and assigned it to desired queue/s




  1. The set threshold will appear in the Dashboard / Wallboard, for the selected metric and queue


Screenshot Analytics.JPG