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What License is required to access Analytics for Contact Center

Applies To

  • Contact Center
  • 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center
  • X -Series


  • Contact Center super admin and secondary admin accounts:
    • if X license with access only to 8x8 Work is already associated to them => they will have access only to 8x8 Work Billing Reports functionalities (Favorites, Call Details & Call Summary);
    • if X license with access in Contact Center is already associated to them (within the sso panel the Agent Console icon is available) => they will have access to all existing functionalities within the Contact Center Analytics (Favorites, Dashboards, Call Details, Call Summary,Custom Reports, Agent Interactions, Agent Status, Detailed Reports & Queue Interactions)
    • if no license is assigned at all, then the user will receive a Not Authorized error message after the login
  • Contact Center agents (no admin roles within the 8x8 Admin Console):
    • if only 8x8 Work license is associated => they will not have access to any of existing Contact Center Analytics functionalities
    • if Contact Center license is associated => they will have access only to Contact Center functionalities within the Contact Center Analytics (no access Call Details & Call Summary) only if they are having Contact Center admin roles or they are Contact Center supervisors
      • Contact Center agents role - is able to see the actual options within the Contact Center Analytics left menu but no data will be available for them (we plan to improve this behavior in the future)

Additional Information

Please note that it can take up to 8 hours after being assigned a Contact Center license to be able to access to Analytics for Contact Center.

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