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How is Average Emotion Overall detected on an interaction?


How is Average Emotion Overall detected on an interaction?  Does it auto detect tone in calls or is this based on info added to evaluation? How is this measured or determined? 

Applies To

  • Quality Management & Speech Analytics 5.1.1


The use of certain words during the interaction is auto detected and that is how the Average Emotion Overall is being displayed. The information added in the evaluation itself does not have any effect on the Overall Emotion of the interaction, as these comments are being put in after the speech engine finishes transcribing the call itself.

  • Display of overall emotion: The interface is designed to display the positive or negative emotions, and it does not show when the overall emotion is neutral. To verify and sort calls with a neutral overall emotion, you can go to the 'Search Interactions' page and use the filter 'Average emotion overall is Neutral'. 
  • Calculation of overall emotion: The overall emotion displayed is calculated by our system based on the specific words used during the calls. Our algorithm analyses the text and assigns an emotional value to provide an overall sentiment for the interaction.
  • Report for overall emotion per agent: While we do not have a specific report readily available to show the overall emotion per agent, there is a workaround to obtain this data. If you go to the 'Search Interactions' page, you can export the interactions, and in the exported data, the average overall emotion will be displayed for each interaction. From there, you can customize the data to calculate and display the average overall emotion per agent, based on their respective interactions.