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Screen Recorder Profile Overview


The following article explains all the features of the 8x8 Quality Management Screen Recorder Profile.

Open your 8x8 Quality Management instance then go to Settings > Service > Screen Recorder Profile.

You are prompted with the following options:


Applies To

  • Quality Management v 4.5, v 5.0

Screen Recorder Profile Options


This is the maximum supported resolution.


Show Toolbar

This option is used to show/hide the screen recorder client tool Icon from the Taskbar.


Example: when Show toolbar is set to Yes, then the icon tray is displayed. The below screenshot is from a Windows 7 OS taskbar.



Note: In most scenarios, for the Agent Profile, the use-case would be to hide the Rocket Icon.

Manual Control

The Manual control option allows the agent to: 

  •  Open the Rocket Icon or 8x8 Screen Recorder tool
  •  Start
  •  Pause
  •  Add comments
  • Stop the recording process

Note: As a secondary use-case, this function allows the end-user to record his/her screen without the need of using a third party tool.

Recording Percentage

This option allows you to configure the recording percentage of the total number of video calls per Agent.

In all scenarios, our recommendation would be to set the 100% threshold.

File Size Limit 

Total audio file size calculated in bytes. The default option is set to 0, which means Unlimited.

Time Limit 

The total number of seconds that can be recorded. The default threshold is set to 0, which means Unlimited.

Max Bandwidth

 Maximum bandwidth expressed in kbps. The default threshold is set to 0.


Note: To be decided by the internal IT department, based on the LAN specs with respect to Upload speed.

Allow Comment

If set to Yes, then the agent is allowed to add comments while their screen is recorded.



Note: The comments are added and displayed in the video timeline.

Upload Interval Start / End

The upload interval of 24h that can be set for the client tool to upload all MP4 files to 8x8 cloud storage.


Note: Delayed file upload, saves bandwidth usage during peak hours.

Extend Video Recording

Extend the recording length by X seconds after the call ends. The maximum length the recording can be extended by is 600 seconds.

Frame Rate

Total numbers of frames/second. The default threshold is 2 frames/second.


Note: More than 2 frames will increase the media file size.


This option is used only for troubleshooting purposes by the 8x8 Support team.

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