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Launching a Customer Experience journey map from Quality Management/Speech Analytics


View the journey map for an interaction one is looking at in Quality Management/Speech Analytics.

Applies To

  • Quality Management / Speech Analytics 5.10
  • Phone Interactions


  1. Launch Quality Management / Speech Analytics from the Application Panel.
  2. Find an interaction you wish to look at in the Interactions search area of Quality Management / Speech Analytics.
  3. Bring up the interaction details by clicking on the interaction.
  4. Look for the View map link in the Journey map section near the top of the Interaction details section.
    View map.jpg

Additional Information

  • The Journey map is available only for Contact Center interactions which are audio only or audio/video, not snipped.
  • The Journey map is available only for users with an agent id and only when the application is not in Mode 1. An undefined agentId means the user is a Contact Center admin and for admins deep linking is not available. The admin should set up a different user account (which isn't an admin) for themselves, and access QM using that.