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How to Set Up Quality Management to Search for Draft Evaluations


How to set up QM to search for a Draft Evaluation

Applies To

Quality Management 5.1


Please follow the steps below on how to set up QM in order to be able to search for draft evaluations if your role has the necessary permissions to operate changes to the QM search calls/evaluations tab.

  1. Go to Settings - Application - Information Display - Interactions
  2. Add any of the Custom field tags that are available to the Interactions page
  3. Rename the column from Custom field to Draft Evaluation and then save the settings


4. Scroll down to Interaction Details Section and from here select Contact Center.

5. Click Add and search for Draft Evaluation then hit OK to add it to the list 

6. Once present in the list, you will have to enable it and as type select Text Only


7. Make sure that the new edited Tag shows in the evaluation view


8. Go to Search interactions, select an existing call and start evaluating it

9. Before saving your draft, type YES in the Draft Evaluation field, to mark it as a draft


10. Go to Search interactions and simply filter by Draft evaluations is yes and all the interactions that would match the search criteria will show up in the QM interface


By using the above guide you may set up other Custom fields to help you find what your are searching for.