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How to Add the Interaction Date to Quality Management Call Search Display


Display the Interaction Date (which also includes time) for interactions in a Quality Management call search display.

Applies To

  • Quality Management
  • Reporting


The interaction date (which also includes time) may already be selected as a column for the output, but might be an optional column. If that is the case, you can just click on the columns icon (three vertical bars with a downward arrow to the right) near the upper left of the search output and see what columns are available.

If Interaction Date is listed but doesn't have a check mark next to it you can select it to be displayed and it will be added to the output. You can also rearrange the columns by moving them up or down in the list and they will be displayed left to right as they are listed top to bottom.

If it isn't an available column you will need to add it to the list of columns using these steps:

  1. Log into QM with a user with administrator rights.
  2. Click on the Settings gear in the left hand margin.
  3. Click on Information Display in the left hand column of the settings display.
  4. See how many columns are already selected for the display.  If you have less than 16 you can add another column with the interaction date and time otherwise you'll have to remove an existing column to add it.
  5. Click the Add button at the upper left of the columns list.
  6. Type in Interaction Date or just Date to find interaction date.
  7. Click on the Interaction Date listing to add it to the columns.
  8. Find the Interaction Date at the bottom of the list of columns move it up or down in the list or choose to make it mandatory or optional.
  9. Click the Save button at the upper right of the columns list
  10. Run the search again and you should have the Interaction Date column displayed or available to be displayed using the Columns icon refereed to in the first section.
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