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How to Configure the Quality Management Search Interactions Page Layout

To configure the Quality Management Search Interactions page layout, navigate to the Information Display under Settings and select Interactions. Learn more here.


Configure the Quality Management Search Interactions page layout.

Applies To

Quality Management/Speech Analytics


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click Information Display.
  3. Select Interactions.
  4. In the top right corner click on Add (In this section, you are able to Add a maximum of 15 columns)
  5. Select the necessary columns that need to be displayed and validate your selections with the Save button. You can mark these newly added column to be shown in the Search Interactions page on demand or mandatory.
  6. Go to Search Interactions and open a new tab. If the newly added columns have been set as mandatory, they will already be present in that view, otherwise click on the Select Columns icon in the top right corner, located underneath the Save button, and select the column you wish to add.


Additional Information

As a best practice we recommend to have the following columns set to Mandatory at any point:

  • VCC Transaction id
  • Interaction Date 
  • MediaType