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Set Coaching Preferences as a Quality Management Administrator


Set coaching preferences in the template editor. When an evaluator selects this template for evaluating an interaction, these coaching preferences are applied.

Applies To

  • Speech Analytics
  • Quality Management
  • Coaching Preferences


  1. Log in to your 8x8 Application Panel.
  2. Select Speech Analytics & QM or Quality Management (depending on your tenant setup).
  3. The Speech Analytics & QM Dashboard page displays.
  4. Select Settings and then select QA Template Editor.
  5. Select the template you want to attach the coaching preferences to.
  6. Open the Coaching section.
  7. Use the default settings, or make changes to the preferences.
  8. Click Save.
Coaching setting Description
Coaching required?

Always: A coaching request is automatically sent and coaching is required.

Prompt: A prompt displays asking if the evaluator wants to request coaching.

Never: A coaching request is never sent and coaching is not required.

Send coaching request Notifies the person in this role that they need to coach the assigned agent.
Supervisor (default)
Optionally select: Send an Email as a reminder every 48 hours until coaching comments are written
Send Email as reminder every 48 hours until coaching comments are written (Optional) Whoever is selected as the coach receives a reminder email every 48 hours until coaching comments are written on the evaluation.

Notifies these people assigned to this role for an agent that coaching is needed. You can send a notification to one or more people. Generally, the agent, which is the default, receives a notification.




Agent (default)

Acknowledgment required?

This determines the need for acknowledgment from the agent that they received coaching.

Always: A request for an acknowledgment is automatically sent to the agent asking if they received coaching.

Prompt: Whoever gets the coaching request receives a prompt asking the agent to acknowledge if they received coaching.

Never: The agent never receives a request for an acknowledgment asking if they received coaching. When viewing an evaluation with coaching comments, the agent acknowledgment status line reads “Agent acknowledgment not required”

Send Email as reminder every 48 hours until agent responds (Optional) The agent receives an email every 48 hours until they acknowledge whether they received coaching.


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