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Standalone Evaluations in Quality Management

This feature is now implemented and offers customers the possibility of evaluating interactions or back office work which is not associated with a voice interactions. These evaluations also exist on reports.

Standalon Evaluations.png

Users can upload the evaluated material as an attachment of the evaluation, and in this way they create the direct reference between the evaluation base (a chat discussion, an e-mail etc.) and the actual evaluation form.

The way the feature is implemented offers possibilities to evaluate stand alone content with minimum impact for the application, thus there are some functionalities that are available for call evaluations and will not be available for other evaluations.

Evaluate Button in Search Evaluations Page

The Evaluate button is available next to the Save button in Search Evaluation Page. When users want to create new voice interaction evaluations, they will follow the same workflow as before. If they want to evaluate a non-voice interactions, they will click the Evaluate button to start the process.

The Evaluate button opens a pop-up window where the user should enter the Agent Name. Agent Name has to match an existing entry in the system and is mandatory for the non-voice evaluation process to go forward.

Based on the Agent name, the application will generate a new "placeholder record" in the background, with all the necessary information (Agent Supervisor, GUID, etc).

The evaluation date will be equivalent of the date when the interaction (placeholder record) is generated. After entering the Agent Name, the user will be notified that if they leave the page, the evaluation progress will be lost.

Draft state for this type of evaluation is not available! The user must complete the entire evaluation process to make sure the evaluation is saved, and visible in Search Evaluations.

Evaluate Other Permission

This feature can be controlled from the Settings > Roles page, using Evaluation > Other ADD permission.

Stand Alone Evaluations Operations

Stand alone evaluations will not have all the options available in the Context menu like call evaluations. When a user will right click on a stand alone evaluation the context menu will show only:

  • Copy Current Row
  • Copy Current Field
  • Edit Evaluation
  • Delete
  • Open Evaluation Report

"Go to Call" and "Download Call" are not available in the list.

When a user chooses to delete the stand alone evaluation the fake call will also be erased.

Stand Alone Evaluations in Reports

Stand alone evaluations will be included in Evaluation Summary, Average Score and Trending Reports. They do not have a special filter, but users can still run the reports having only stand alone evaluation based on the template. They can be filtered by the template which will only show the results produced by these evaluations.

We recommend to create new Templates especially for the stand alone evaluations and use them to evaluate these record types, in order to be able to filter these entries in the reports.

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