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Gathering Console and Network Logs (HAR File) from Quality Management in Chrome


Gathering Console and Network Logs (HAR File) from Quality Management Agent Workspace in Chrome

Applies To

  • Quality Management


  1. Open Chrome 
  2. If using Incognito ensure that you un-select block third party cookies

chrome incognito.png

  1. Login to Quality Management
  2. Right-click in Agent Workspace and select Inspect or press F12 to open the Chrome developer console
    • The developer console will have to stay open throughout the process. If closed, logs will be lost.
  3. Press F5 to refresh the screen.
Important-Icon.png It is very important that F12 then F5 are pressed before the issue occurs otherwise the data is incomplete and will not be useful as it wont have collected the data needed.
  1. On the Network tab check the Preserve log option

chrome network preserve log.png

  1. On the Console tab check the Preserve Log option

chroem console preserve log.png


  1. Replicate the issue
  2. In the Chrome developer console Network tab, right-click on any entry in the Name column and select Save all as HAR with content
  3. Save the HAR file

chrome Save Network Log HAR.png

  1. In the Chrome developer console Console tab, right-click anywhere in the pane and select Save as
  2. Save the LOG file

chrome Save Console Logs.png

Additional Information

Screenshots or a screen recording of the issue are often useful if possible.

When providing the logs please also provide us with a description of the issue along with the date, time and time zone of when the issue occurred.