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Quality Management: Single Evaluation Report Throws Error Loading Agent Details


As a Quality Management supervisor, each time you open the Single Evaluation Report, the following error is triggered: Error loading agent details!


Applies To

Quality Management


Enable the Search Option for the User

  1. Reproduce the issue.
  2. Identify the affected User.
    • Identify the group the user is assigned.
    • Identify the role that is assigned to that group.
  3. Go to Settings > Roles.
  4. Click the Supervisor role.
  5. Under Authorization Options, expand Permissions.
  6. Under Permissions, expand User to confirm that the Search option is not enabled.
  7. Enable the Search option by checking the box next to Search.
  8. Click Save.
Note-Icon.png NoteWhenever a role is modified at the Permissions level, please be aware that all users with this role will get disconnected from Quality Management.


In Quality Management, at the Group level, all groups that are assigned with the default Supervisor role will always run into this scenario.

As a general overview:

  • User_A belongs to Group: Supervisor.
  • The Group Supervisor is assigned with the role: Supervisor.
  • The role Supervisor is assigned 50 permissions (works by design).
  • What this means is that User_A is granted all 50 permissions.

The issue is that, for the default Supervisor role, we are missing a single permission that represents the root from where the behavior is triggered.