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Why can't my agent log into Quality Management


Agent can't log into Quality Management

Applies To

  • Quality Management


A user must either be an admin or super user at the account level or have a Contact Center user license in order to access Quality Management


Also they must have the correct permissions set within Quality Management. To check this follow the steps:

  • Log into Quality Management
  • Go to settings
  • Once there you will see Users, Groups and Roles. 

Users need to be assigned to at least one group to do this:

  • Search for the user
  • Click on user to get the right hand box pop upclipboard_e4631c52cecb806f667e9ac1635e49a83.png
  • Select the people icon to see the groups at the bottom of the box
  • You can expand out the groups to see what groups the user is in


Check each group for a role as follows

  • Click on Groups
  • Search for the group
  • Click the name of the group to bring up the right hand menu
  • Click the icon that looks like a case to view the roles
  • Expand out the roles to view which ones are assigned

Each group needs to have at least one role 

Check Role permissions 

  • Click on Roles
  • Search role name
  • Click on roles to see the options
  • Scroll to the bottom to confirm the permissions the role has

Additional Information

Please wait at least 15 minutes between giving an individual admin level access or a Contact Center user account before having them try to access Quality Management.  

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