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Authorization Token Is No Longer Valid in 8x8 Contact Center for Netsuite


When making or receiving a phone call while logged into the 8x8 Contact Center for NetSuite integration, the following error appears in the integration window:

"The NetSuite authorization token is no longer valid due to a change in user roles or inactivity. From a new NetSuite home page, re-open the 8x8 Contact Center plugin."

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center for NetSuite Integration


Manually Refresh

Use your browser's controls to refresh the NetSuite web page within 20 or fewer minutes to reset the expiration timer.


Note: A future release of this integration will automatically force the NetSuite web page to refresh itself before the token can be expired.

Browser Add-Ons

As an easier workaround, NetSuite users can install a browser add-on/extension that will force the NetSuite web page to refresh itself within a time set by the user. Using an add-on such as the examples listed here, the user can set any individual web page to refresh itself after a set amount of time, which should be less than 20 minutes.


Note: Following the particular instructions for each add-on, please ensure to set the NetSuite web page specifically to refresh at less-than-20-minute intervals. Setting the 8x8 integration window to refresh will not have any effect.


This problem is often due to the following:

  • NetSuite has set the security authorization token between NetSuite and the 8x8 integration to expire after 20 minutes of inactivity in NetSuite.
  • The NetSuite user has not performed any action within NetSuite for at least 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, NetSuite controls the API timeout variable, and there is no way within the NetSuite interface to force the expiration time beyond 20 minutes.

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