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Salesforce CRM Integration Interface Upgrade Overview


8x8 is releasing a new Contact Center Integration for Salesforce. Currently this new integration is available only in Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

In this article we provide a catalog of the changes that you'll see in the new 8x8 Contact Center Salesforce Integration over previous versions.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • Agent Workspace
  • Integrations
  • Salesforce

8x8 Contact Center Salesforce Integration

What is the 8x8 Contact Center Integration?

The 8x8 Contact Center Integration is a collection of components in our Contact Center product that facilitates integration with external CRMs like Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow etc. It allows users to search for CRM records, to screen pop them, and log tasks/activities against the records whilst handling contact from them.

The older integration, known as MAPanel, is present in both Agent Workspace and Agent Workspace user interfaces.

The new 8x8 Contact Center Integration currently applies to only to Agent Workspace embedded in Salesforce CRM.


  • Agent Workspace: For customers who use Agent Workspace within Salesforce, there will be no change to the user experience.
  • Agent Workspace: Multiple updates include pronounced changes over the older MAPanel v1.1, as shown below.

The MAPanel menu UI component has been redacted in the new 8x8 Contact Center Integration.

MAPanel 1.1 8x8 Contact Center Integration
clipboard_ed258c3d27f34d7f0ca7998c75285bd6c.png clipboard_e5848a264e23276c6c0127abdd32a15d0.png


Settings that were previously located in the gear icon clipboard_ec07af5b24f690c38abea412437194dfe.png menus have been moved.

To access the settings in the new 8x8 Contact Center Integration:

  1. Click on the drop-down arrow at the top.


  1. Click Work Offline.
  2. Then click My profile.


  1. In the popup window, click on the tabs at the top to locate all of the settings that were available in the old MAPanel interface.

Note: When you see a Save button in any particular section, you'll be required to click it to permanently apply any changes there. As usual, changes to any settings that do not have a Save button are automatically applied.


Searching for CRM records

The process for matching CRM records is radically improved.

Before the user answers an offered interaction, the 8x8 Contact Center Integration will indicate that it is searching for CRM records.

Toaster Notification Collapsed Toaster Notification Expanded
clipboard_efbccb44d24afb42f7b1ee245700138cf.png clipboard_ef624185abd94bf96963930f25e7b2315.png

If the user answers an offered interaction before the CRM search has completed, the user interface will indicate that a record search is being performed.


The 8x8 Contact Center Integration within the Agent Workspace will display different visual cues for scenarios where there are no matching records, a single exact match, and multiple matches. This includes the number of matching records found.

No Match Single Match Multiple Matches
clipboard_e9c8499e4964ec3995bff499a12dc33a6.png clipboard_e3fefd58a084786cad55d029cc994e5aa.png clipboard_e93d89692b9bdea5fe343cc2c12c86dd4.png

CRM Search & Linking Interactions

Within each 8x8 Contact Center Integration interaction, the user can search for other CRM records, and link the interaction to the required record.

MAPanel 1.0 Experience 8x8 Contact Center Integration Experience
clipboard_e3d7404f19c4725c608b03f56a6522c8f.png clipboard_ede1d2a6bba3885ea75126b8b162707e9.png


The 8x8 Contact Center Integration offers users the ability to add dispositions for both 8x8 Contact Center and Salesforce, all using the familiar and efficient Agent Workspace user experience.

MAPanel 1.0 Experience 8x8 Contact Center Integration Experience
clipboard_e3c55cf28383accd12b8231579295bfac.png clipboard_e82d8e1fd575e99011658eaf37b60f459.png


Follow-up tasks/reminders can be scheduled for both 8x8 Contact Center and Salesforce if required.

It's also possible to configure the system to use only Salesforce reminders, or only 8x8 Contact Center reminders, or to not use reminders at all.



Multiple Notes fields can be configured in Salesforce CRM and are made accessible in the Notes tab.


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