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8x8 Support

ICA Partner Support Process


Customers reporting issues with Intelligent Customer Assistant (ICA) are to be supported and escalated per the following procedure.

Applies To

  • Intelligent Customer Assistant (ICA)
  • 8x8 Contact Center


  1. Perform initial triage to determine if the issue is with Contact Center or ICA. If the issue resides with Contact Center, continue to troubleshoot as normal.
  2. Once established that the issue resides with ICA, raise a case to 8x8 customer support with the information gathered from the initial triage.

Initial Triage

Partners should perform initial triage for ICA related cases in order to gather as much information as possible and determine whether the issue relates to 8x8 Contact Center or ICA, before escalating to 8x8 support for troubleshooting. Here is a list of some information that should be gathered and possible issues that may arise.

Details to collect
  • Time of interaction
  • Transaction ID (if applicable)
  • What website URL was used to interact with the chatbot?
  • Which API, webhook, channel and queue are they using?
  • What is the issue?
  • Can you replicate the issue through their chatbot?
  • Can you replicate the issue directly to 8x8 chat queues, bypassing the chatbot? (if applicable)
  • What did they expect to happen?
Examples of possible Contact Center Issues (Troubleshoot as normal)
  • Some users are not receiving interaction but others are.
  • All agents are not receiving interactions from the chatbot and are also unable to receive other interactions not through the chatbot. (ie. interactions from the same chat queue which bypass the AI.)
Examples of possible ICA Issues (Escalate to 8x8 Support for ICA troubleshooting)
  • Any flow change requests.
  • Chatbot is not responding.
  • Interaction routed to the incorrect queue.
  • All agents are not receiving interactions from the chatbot but can receive other interactions.
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