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Bogen PCM-TIM Overhead Paging System Configuration

Important-Icon.png You must connect the 8x8 adapter to a Tel Line or 90v NGT RNG port before configuring the Bogen PCM-TIM Overhead Paging System.  Refer to the Bogen Instalation manuals here


Configuring a Bogen PCM-TIM overhead paging system for 8x8 services.

Applies To

Bogen PCM-TIM overhead paging system (FXS Mode Only)

Bogen PCM Series

There are 3 Bogen PCM models and differing version releases.  Refer to this link to few Here



There are two versions or Hardware revisions of the Bogen PCMTM.  Refer to the images below step 3 to identify the revision being configured.  Both of the images are FXS Only.  Follow the Bogem Manual for proper instalation

  1. Ensure that only DIP Switch 6 is ON Version 1.
  2. Ensure that DIP Switch is set to Station Version 2
  3. Using the phone line or RJ11 cable, connect your 8x8 adapter to the Tel Line (v1) or 90v NGT RNG (V2) port.
Version 1 Version 2
Bogen_PCM_TIM_Paging_Config.png PCMTIM2.jpg
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