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8x8 Support

How to Provision Cisco 3PCC Phones for VoIP Service

Caution-Icon.png 8x8 supports the following Cisco 3PCC phones listed here.  
  • Phones not purchased from 8x8 must follow the Procedures below.
  • Cisco 3PCC phones that are not listed in the link provided are considered 3rd party non supported SIP devices.


Provisioning of supported and non-supported Cisco 3PCC phones for 8x8 VoIP service.

Applies To

  • 8x8 supported / BYOP “Bring Your Own Phone” (Cisco Multiplatform Phones “3PCC”)
  • 8x8 non compatible (Cisco Enterprise Phones “CP”)

To ensure supported CISCO 3PCC devices can be provisioned with 8x8, Compatible and non compatible Cisco Models are listed below:

  • Compatible: Cisco 3PCC series 7800, 8811, 8841, 8851 and 8861 Product Name will have 3PCC e.g. CP-88xx-3PCC or CP-78xx-3PCC where xx is the full model as example 8841
  • Non-compatible: CP-88xx-K9 or 78xx-K9  are not compatible or supported by 8x8 VoIP Services. These are specific to Cisco Enterprise Models
  • How to Convert Cisco Models to compatible FirmwareCisco how to guide converting models to supported firmware. 8x8 cannot assist on converting. Please consult Cisco.

How to identify

From the Cisco phone, press the applications settings Key Button.jpg

  1. Navigate to Status > Product information > Product Name confirm 3PCC shows, example CP-8841-3PCC.

If the display is not showing 3PCC refer to the Cisco documents to properly identify and update to a supported firmware version. See 8x8 Knowledge base for Recommended Firmware here


  1. Connect the phone to the network and power it on. (If you will be using a computer to complete provisioning setup, ensure the phone and computer are on the same VLAN/subnet.)
  2. Verify that the device has a valid factory-installed device certificate: Applications > Status Product Info > Certificate. Scroll down to look for the message Certificate: Installed. If you do not see this, the phone cannot be provisioned for use with 8x8.
  3. Factory reset the phone: Applications > Device Administration > Factory Reset > OK.
Note-Icon.png NoteEnsure the phone and computer are on the same VLAN/subnet to complete the following steps.
  1. On the device, press Applications (gear icon).
  2. Press Status Network Status.
  3. Note the phone's IP address.
  4. Log in to the Web GUI.
  5. Click Voice > Provisioning.
  6. For Profile Rule insert$MA.cfgCisco_8861_Standard_Provisioning-600x363.png
  7. Click Submit All Changes (Phone should reset).
  8. Once the phone boots back up, manually reboot the phone again.
  9. Wait 30 seconds. The phone will reboot again on its own. It should display Phone not active yet.
  10. Activate the phone using the activation code.