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Unable to Access Web GUI for Poly Devices


Unable to access the web interface for Poly devices even if the computer is connected at the back of the phone and they are connected on the same network.

Site cannot be reach.PNG

Applies To

  • Poly VVX Series phones


Enable the web server configuration in the phone Admin Settings.

  1. Press the Menu/Home Key.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Advanced.
  4. Enter phone Admin Password.
  5. Select Administration Settings.
  6. Select Web Server Configuration.
  7. Set Web Server to Enabled.
  8. Select Back then Save Config.
  9. After enabling the web server configuration, refresh the browser.


Web server configuration is set to disabled, or your phone was not purchased from and provisioned by 8x8.

eye.png Tip:
If the issue continues after enabling Web Server Configuration, try adding " https:// " before the IP address. For example https://192.168.1.xx
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