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How to Connect and Pair Poly RealPresence Trio Visual+


Connect and pair your Poly RealPresence and Trio Visual+ phone.


Note: Trio Visual+ only works with Peer-to-Peer calling. At this time, it does not work with 8x8 Meetings.

Applies To

  • Poly RealPresence
  • Trio Visual+


  1. Connect the Logitech Webcam C930e (part of the Collaboration Kit) to the Trio Visual+.
  2. Connect an HDMI cable from the Trio Visual+ to a monitor or TV.
  3. Connect the Power Kit to the Trio Visual+ (PoE/PoE+ is also supported).
  4. Once the Trio Visual+ gets an IP Address, the monitor or TV should display instructions on pairing the Trio Visual+ to the Trio 8800.
    Pairing Trio Visual+.jpg
  5. Tap the Pair button on the Trio Visual+.
  6. On Trio 8800 Speakerphone, go to Settings > Advanced > (enter MAC Password) > Network Devices.
  7. Under Available Devices, tap the Trio Visual+ named FEO3AE.
  8. To complete the pairing, tap the Pair button again on the Trio Visual+.
  9. If pairing is successful, a video should appear on the monitor or TV.

Connecting RealPresence Trio.jpg

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