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8x8 Support

Yealink Line Key Configuration: Initial Launch


We’re launching new, limited functionality for Line Keys on specific Yealink models. Please see below for details.

Applies To

  • Yealink
  • Line Key Configuration

Supported Devices

  • T4xS
  • T4xU
  • T40G
  • T33G

Supported Features

Newly implemented features are now available:

  • Speed Dials
    • This adds a speed dial and a local contact on the phone’s local directory
    • Auto-divert and auto-reject
  • BLF keys
    • Regular extension, GCP and park BLF’s are all supported

Pending Improvements

The following are planned improvements which have not yet been implemented. Currently there is no specific ETA for release on these items:

  • Sidecar support for appropriate models
  • Ring-type selection for speed dials
  • General line key configuration UI
  • Call screen and ring toggles for BLF keys
  • Support for T4xG (legacy) models. May require new firmware.
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