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Fuze Discover Use Case Examples


What are some use cases for Fuze Discover?

Applies To

  • Fuze Discover


Fuze Discover is useful for many different roles at your organization. Here are is a list of roles and use case examples for Fuze Discover:

IT Administrator

  • Adoption and usage of Fuze services by locations, by departments, and by users (do we have shadow IT?  are we reaching adoption/project goals?)
  • Types of endpoints used within the organization (what do I need to support / consider for new users / consider for network and wifi purposes?)
  • Quality of service (is Fuze delivering what I’m expecting?  how do my users feel about the service? how do I troubleshoot issues on behalf of my users?)

Contact Center Supervisor

  • Build reports and dashboard with their specific KPIs in mind (e.g. only count Abandon calls if the call was waiting in queue for > 30 seconds)
  • View longer term trends of queue volumes correlated with the customer experience
  • Visualize agent behavior in a given time period

Sales Managers & Search/Recruiting Firms

  • Build reports and dashboards with specific sales KPIs in mind (e.g. only count connected calls if connect time > 5 minutes)
  • View longer term trends of activity (e.g. number of calls connected) and how they correlate to sales performance
  • Visualize sales rep and sales team behavior
  • Benchmark sales teams and reps against a variety of measures (e.g. avg calls placed)


  • View call volumes over time for CTA phone numbers and campaigns
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