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What is the Fuze Discover Sales Dashboard?

Applies To

  • Fuze Discover


Fuze Discover Sales Dashboard1.png

Fuze Discover includes a number of pre-configured Dashboards built for specific use-cases within your organization. The Sales Manager Dashboard is comprised of Looks designed to capture Call and Meeting data relevant to Sales and Operations Managers in a predominantly outbound calling environment.
The Sales Manager Dashboard includes a Date Filter set to 7 days by default. Changing this filter will affect the data range of all Looks displayed on the Dashboard.

What Looks are Included?

Top Outbound Callers

Which members of your team are making the most calls? “Top Outbound Callers” visualizes the top 15 users in order of outbound calls dialed within a given timeframe. This provides sales managers a frame of reference for their team’s outbound activity and the opportunity to identify top performers across this KPI.

Fuze Discover Sales Dashboard2.png

Top Users by Talk Time

“Top Outbound Callers” can be useful to gauge your team’s productivity, but this report doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story. “Top Users by Talk Time” visualizes the top 15 users by the average minutes spent on a connected call. This Look helps Sales Managers identify which reps are most effective at keeping prospects on the phone and engaging in productive conversations.

Fuze Discover Sales Dashboard3.png

Outbound Connected Calls by Day of the Week

In an outbound-heavy, cold-calling sales environment, timing can be just as important as technique. “Outbound Connected Calls by Day of the Week” calculates the percentage of connected outbound calls relative to other weekdays. This Look enables a sales team to prioritize their outbound calling activity to days of the week with stronger odds of connecting with a prospect. In this example, Wednesdays are relatively unsuccessful, so the team might be better off prioritizing other forms of prospecting on this day.

Fuze Discover Sales Dashboard4.png

Call Volume over Time

“Call Volume over Time” provides a higher-level view of your team’s cumulative outbound and inbound call activity over time. This Look allows sales managers to identify longer-term trends in their team’s outbound call activity and compare it to the corresponding volume of inbound calls received. In doing so, sales managers can identify correlations (if any) between outbound calling activity and call-backs from sales prospects.

Fuze Discover Sales Dashboard5.png

Call Volume by Hour

“Call Volume by Hour” helps sales managers identify their team’s average call activity over the course of the business day. This Look helps sales managers understand how their team is scheduling their outreach during the day and identify opportunities to prioritize activity during less busy hours of the workday. 

Fuze Discover Sales Dashboard6.png

Top Meeting Hosts

Calling and connecting with a prospect is an important first step, but scheduling and executing a meeting is the critical next step to moving a deal forward. Similar to “Top Outbound Callers”, “Top Meeting Hosts” displays the top 15 users in order of the number of Fuze Meetings hosted over a given period of time. Used in conjunction with other leading-indicator Looks such as “Top Outbound Callers”, sales managers can identify which reps are most effective at converting sales calls to sales meetings.

Fuze Discover Sales Dashboard7.png

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