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In Meeting Options on Fuze Mobile


Using in-meeting options on the Fuze Mobile app.

Applies To

  • Fuze Mobile
  • Meetings


When in a Fuze Meeting, you'll see a variety of options for controlling your device, meeting settings, and other features.

Fuze Mobile In-Meeting Options01.png

The following controls are available:

Fuze Mobile In-Meeting Options02.png  Enable or disable your video, and switch between your Back Camera or the Front Camera.
Fuze Mobile In-Meeting Options03.png  Mute and unmute your microphone.
Fuze Mobile In-Meeting Options04.png  Exit the meeting.
Fuze Mobile In-Meeting Options05.png  Configure your audio output device, and carrier calling controls.

The More Menu

The More menu allows you to access a wide variety of settings while you’re in a meeting. Non-hosts can access a subset of these settings.

The following table describes the full list of settings available on the More menu for meeting hosts.

Meeting Admin settings (only available to meeting hosts)

Fuze Mobile In-Meeting Options06.png

Mute everyone in the meeting but yourself.

Fuze Mobile In-Meeting Options07.png

Lower all flags in the meeting.

Fuze Mobile In-Meeting Options08.png

Start or stop the meeting recording.

When a meeting is being recorded, the User-added image icon appears on the top right-hand portion of the screen

Note: See the article meeting recordings for more details. 

Fuze Mobile In-Meeting Options10.png

When this setting is disabled, anyone who has the meeting ID or meeting link (url) can join the meeting.

When enabled, a message appears at the top of the meeting screen for host(s) when someone attempts to join the meeting. Host(s) can the host must tap Accept or Decline. 

Declined participants will receive a message stating that the request to join the meeting was declined.

Video Control settings

Fuze Mobile In-Meeting Options11.png

Disables video feeds from other attendees on your computer only.

This setting is helpful if you do not have a strong connection.

Fuze Mobile In-Meeting Options12.png

Arranges video from other participants into tiles.

Collaboration Settings

Fuze Mobile In-Meeting Options13.png

Opens the in-meeting chat screen. Anyone in the meeting can participate in the chat conversation.

Fuze Mobile In-Meeting Options14.png

Open a shared note in the meeting.

Fuze Mobile In-Meeting Options15.png

Share files, images, or other content with people in the meeting.


Fuze Mobile In-Meeting Options16.png

Fuze Mobile In-Meeting Options17.png

Raising your flag notifies all other participants that your flag is raised.

Tap the flag icon at the top of the meeting screen to lower your flag, or, if you’re a host, lower all flags.

Fuze Mobile In-Meeting Options18.png

Invite other people to join the meeting. See the article Inviting people to an ongoing meeting for more details.

Navigating to the Main Screen During a Meeting

Tap the Back arrow to navigate back to the Fuze Mobile home screen. This feature allows you to access all of your Fuze Mobile features without exiting an ongoing meeting.

Fuze Mobile In-Meeting Options19.png

To navigate back to an ongoing meeting, simply visit your recent conversations list and tap the ongoing meeting you want to rejoin.

Fuze Mobile In-Meeting Options20.png

You can also tap More to copy a link to the meeting, or exit the meeting.

Fuze Mobile In-Meeting Options21.png

Car Mode

Car mode enlarges the microphone icon so that you can mute or unmute yourself quickly. You can also access audio device output and carrier call settings, and you can exit the meeting from the car mode screen.

You cannot view video or shared content when in car mode.

Fuze Mobile In-Meeting Options22.png

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