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Enable, Disable, or Uninstall Fuze for Chrome


Enable, disable, or uninstall the Fuze for Chrome browser extension.

Applies To

  • Fuze Apps
  • Integrations
  • Chrome


You can enable, disable, or uninstall Fuze for Chrome like any other Chrome extension.

Enable or Disable Fuze for Chrome

To start, enter and navigate to chrome://extensions in your browser’s search window.

On the Extensions screen, you’ll see the following window for Fuze for Chrome.

Fuze for Chrome Enable Uninstall1.png

Use the toggle switch to enable or disable Fuze for Chrome.

Fuze for Chrome Enable Uninstall2.png

Your changes are automatically saved when you exit the Extensions screen.

Uninstall Fuze for Chrome

  1. Click Remove on the Extensions screen.
  2. Click Remove again in the confirmation window that appears.
    Fuze for Chrome Enable Uninstall3.jpg

View Fuze for Chrome Version and Details

Click Details on the Extensions screen to view details about Fuze for Chrome, such as version number, size of the extension, permissions settings, as well as other Chrome-specific settings.

Fuze for Chrome Enable Uninstall4.jpg

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