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Add a Fuze Meeting to Your Invite with Fuze for Edge


Add a Fuze Meeting to your Invite with Fuze for Edge.

Applies To

  • Fuze Apps
  • Integrations
  • Microsoft Edge


Fuze for Edge Add Meeting1.png

When you’re scheduling a meeting in Google Calendar, you can make it a Fuze meeting by clicking Add Fuze Meeting that appears in the Event Details pane.

Fuze for Edge Add Meeting2.png

You can also use the adjacent New Meeting ID drop-down list to create a new meeting ID for the meeting, or use a vanity link for your meeting.

The Fuze for Edge settings for Fuze Meetings must be enabled to use this feature.

To make it a Fuze meeting:

  1. In your calendar, start creating a new meeting.
  2. On the Event Details tab, click Add Fuze Meeting.
    A Fuze meeting is automatically scheduled, and the details of the meeting are added to the body of the meeting description in your invite.
  3. Complete the meeting creation workflow and send the invite. When the meeting date and time arrives, you can simply click the link in your meeting invite to join the meeting.
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