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Fuze for Edge Settings


Setting preferences in the Fuze for Edge browser extension.

Applies To

  • Fuze Apps
  • Integrations
  • Microsoft Edge


To access the Settings menu, open the Fuze for Edge menu, and click Settings.

Fuze for Edge Settings01.png

The Fuze for Edge settings screen allows you to configure settings for the following:

  • Click-to-call
    • My Preferred Phone
    • Home Country
    • Disabled Domains
  • Fuze Meeting
  • Advanced Logging

Configure Click-to-Call

Fuze for Edge Settings02.png

You can enable or disable the Fuze for Edge Click-To-Call feature via the toggle switch that appears at the top of the Click to Call section.

When Click-To-Call is enabled, you can configure the features described in the following sections.

My Preferred Phone

It is the device used to place calls when you use Click-To-Call.

Fuze for Edge Settings03.png

If you have multiple devices configured to work with Fuze, you can select the phone (device) and number you want to use.

This setting configures your primary Fuze preferred device. As such, the device you select via this setting will be used for click-to-call from other Fuze apps (including Fuze Desktop or Fuze for Salesforce).

Home Country

The home country setting allows you to automatically apply your country code when you use click-to-call on web pages that do not include a country code before phone numbers.

Fuze for Edge Settings04.png

If there is a problem connecting, the number may not include the country code. In that case, copy and paste the phone number you’re trying to call into the number field on the Fuze for Edge dial pad. Then, add the country code that can be found on this menu (e.g., if you find that a number you’re trying to reach in Algeria isn't working, paste it into number field of the Fuze for Edge dial pad, then add +213).

Disabled Domains

When you add a domain (website url) to the Disabled Domains list, click-to-call is disabled (and the Fuze logo will no longer appear next to phone numbers) on that web page and its corresponding sub-pages.

Fuze for Edge Settings05.png

To add a site to the Disabled Domains list, navigate to the Disabled Domains section of the Fuze for Edge settings, enter the website URL, and click Disable.

If you open the Disabled Domains settings when you’re currently on the website you want to disable, the domain field automatically populates with the web page that is currently in your browser.

Fuze Meeting Settings

In the Fuze Meeting settings section, you can enable or disable the Fuze Meeting feature for Google Calendar.

When enabled, you can add and schedule meetings right from Google Calendar via the button in the Event Details screen.

Fuze for Edge Settings06.png

Fuze for Edge Settings07.png Fuze for Edge Settings08.png

You can also set the date format included in Fuze Meetings you add to Google Calendar invites by selecting a format from the drop-down list, and clicking Save.

Fuze for Edge Settings09.png

Advanced Logging Settings

If you click on More Settings, the Advanced Logging settings section appears.

If you are experiencing issues with Fuze for Edge, you can enable this setting to log additional information about Fuze for Edge activity. It will enable Fuze support teams to better understand the source of issues you may be experiencing.

Fuze for Edge Settings10.png

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