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Fuze for Firefox System Requirements and Installation


Installing the Fuze for Firefox integration.

Applies To

  • Fuze Apps
  • Integrations
  • Mozilla Firefox


To use Fuze Click-to-Call, you must have:

  • An operating system supported by the Firefox browser.
  • The latest version of the Firefox browser.
  • One of the following Fuze UC Service Bundles: Core, Power, Attendant or Supervisor. If you do not have access, contact your IT administrator.

Download and Install the Extension

To download and install Fuze Click-to-Call:

  1. Download the Fuze for Firefox installer.
  2. Open the Firefox browser.
  3. Navigate to the location where you downloaded the Fuze for Firefox installer (The filename is fuze_for_firefox-118.10927.11639.1-fx.xpi).
  4. Click and drag the installer file into the Firefox browser. A pop up dialog appears.
    Fuze for Firefox Installation1.png
  5. Click Add.

Fuze for Firefox is enabled. A confirmation dialog appears, and the Fuze icon is displayed next to the URL field at the top of your browser window.
Fuze for Firefox Installation2.png

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