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Fuze Web System and Network Performance Requirements


What are the operating system and network requirements to use Fuze Web?

Applies To

  • Fuze Web


Fuze Web runs in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, so your computer's hardware must meet or exceed the minimum requirements for the latest versions of Chrome or Edge.

System Requirements

Component Requirements

Fuze Web requires the current version or the first previous major release of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge Legacy is not supported.

Download Google Chrome

Download Microsoft Edge 

Firefox does not have full Fuze Web support. However, if you are joining a meeting as a guest, we do support the current version or previous major release of Mozilla Firefox.

Operating System

Windows 7/8.1/10 or macOS.

Chrome OS or Ubuntu and other Debian-based Linux distributions are supported for Google Chrome only.

Processor Any quad-core processor.
Camera USB web camera or computer camera. Other devices, like virtual cameras, may not work.
Cookies Ensure that the Block third-party cookies setting is disabled in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. This setting interferes with cross iframe communication required by our meeting experience.

Video Meetings Bandwidth Requirements

Fuze automatically adjusts how much bandwidth is used based on your network. Your internet connection must meet or exceed the following network requirements.

Meeting Type Requirements
Video Meeting (Minimum Bandwidth)

Outbound: 1.0 mbps

Inbound: 1.0 mbps

Two-Person Video Call (Ideal Bandwidth)

Outbound: 3.2 mbps

Inbound: 2.6 mbps

Group Video Calls (Ideal Bandwidth)

Outbound: 3.2 mbps

Inbound (with 5 participants): 3.2 mbps

Inbound (with 10+ participants): 4.0 mbps

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